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Articles about the International Criminal Court prosecutor, past and present.

ICC prosecutor

A Waltz with al-Bashir
by Joshua Rozenberg - Standpoint, April 2009

"It could take two months or two years, but he will face justice." So said the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, speaking after he had been granted a warrant to arrest the president of Sudan. Don't hold your breath. Past experience shows how much Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor, is prone to wishful
thinking ... "


When witnesses change their stories….
by Tracey Gurd - Open Society Justice Initiative

"In a dramatic first week of Lubanga’s trial, the Prosecution’s first witness said he lied about being abducted by Lubanga’s forces and taken to a training camp for child soldiers. He also told the court that he was coached by an aid group about what he should say on the witness stand ... "


Ocampo underwhelms in landmark trial
by Lisa Clifford - Institute for War & Peace Reporting

"The first day of the first trial at the court which has promised justice for Africans was always going to be a very big deal. Not surprisingly then expectations were high when International Criminal Court, ICC, prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo stood to make his opening statement on January 26. After all the prosecutor of the world's first permanent war crimes court had almost three years to prepare his case against Congo’s Thomas Lubanga. But devoid of fire and passion, the prosecutor hardly seemed worth the wait. Watching from the gallery it looked like any other Monday morning for Moreno-Ocampo. One observer whispered that he came across as a student who hadn’t prepared properly for his final exam, like someone who had stepped in at the last minute ... "


International court under fire for prosecution policy
NRC Handelsblad

"The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Luis Moreno-Ocampo has not only been accused of sexual misconduct but faces criticism about the way his office operates. The final of NRC’s three-part series into the ICC looks into the way the prosecutor selects cases to investigate ... "


Why the world's most powerful prosecutor should resign: Part 1
by Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - Daily Telegraph,

"The International Criminal Court's first trial has been suspended because the prosecutor failed to disclose evidence that could have helped the defendant ..."


Why the world's most powerful prosecutor should resign: Part 2
by Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - Daily Telegraph

"Sexual misconduct allegations against Luis Moreno-Ocampo have been dismissed as manifestly unfounded but he is held personally responsible for a breach of due process ..."


Why the world's most powerful prosecutor should resign: Part 3
by Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - Daily Telegraph

"When the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court sought the arrest of the president of Sudan, my initial reaction was one of relief. More than three years after the court was given jurisdiction over the Darfur “situation” by the UN Security Council, all we had seen were charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes against two men — a minister in the Sudanese government and a leader of the Janjaweed militia. But now Luis Moreno-Ocampo was accusing the president himself of the most serious crime of all: genocide. Some people were suspicious about the timing of Mr Moreno-Ocampo’s announcement on July 14 ... "


Why the world's most powerful prosecutor should resign: Part 4
by Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - Daily Telegraph

“The Office of the Prosecutor is highly confident that ... the trial of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo will start in September,” it announced in a press release on June 24.

Pure fantasy, I’m afraid. Halfway through September, what we have had instead is a ruling from the International Criminal Court that the prosecutor’s latest proposals “infringe fundamental aspects of the accused’s right to a fair trial”... "


Growing clamour to remove the Hague prosecutor who wants Sudanese president arrested
by David Pallister - The Guardian

"A coalition of human rights lawyers, academics and leading non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has begun openly to criticise the competence and conduct of the prosecutor of the international criminal court, the Argentinian Luis Moreno-Ocampo. Their concerns follow his announcement last month that it is to seek an arrest warrant for genocide against the Sudanese president, and the collapse of the five-year-old court's first trial ..."

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